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Guardianship can be an emotional process, not only for the families involved, but for the person in need. When a person is unable to make financial and health decisions, it is in their best interest to have a legal guardian, regardless of age.

A guardianship allows someone to be appointed to manage those decisions about health care and finances in the person’s best interest. Most guardianships involve older people who did not have advance directives in place to name someone to act on their behalf. We help clients seek guardianship over loved ones in these situations, and we also handle cases involving guardianship over minors and adults with disabilities.

If you are in a situation that involves guardianship, please feel free to contact our office today to schedule a consultation about our services.

The Guardianship Process

At the Fort Walton Beach Law Offices of Aaron B. Wentz, we help families obtain and manage guardianships for their loved ones, probate wills, and handle estate administration for families whose loved ones died intestate (without a will). Once the guardianship has been granted, a guardianship plan is developed and put in place, and periodic accounting is done to ensure that the plan is being followed and whether there are any issues with the plan or its administration. We handle both the development of the guardianship plan and guardianship accounting.


Probate & Estate Administration in Florida

Many probate cases involve issues that are stressful. Having an experienced probate lawyer who handles the burdens of the legal process and financial details can ease that stress.

When you have lost a loved one, the process of paying any outstanding debts and distributing their assets is called probating the will, or estate administration.

Our attorneys can handle the legal issues and oversee the complex financial process, handling all of the details for your family during this difficult time.

When a dispute arises regarding a will or the manner in which a past probate was administered, our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who can resolve the matter through litigation in Florida probate court.

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